Monday, September 19


William Mooney | President & CEO

A warm welcome to our second virtual Synergy DevPartner Conference. We will give an update on the new and exciting things happening at Synergex.

Keynote: Containers and Kubernetes: Another Step Forward for Synergy Apps

Kelsey Hightower | Principal Engineer & Author

Companies with Synergy-based solutions are successful today because they believed in their proven applications, and they brought them forward as platforms and technologies evolved. Containers and Kubernetes add more confirmation that you took the right path. Containers enable you to create a basic computing wrapper for your application that can run on any infrastructure. Kubernetes is an open-source system for deploying, scaling, and managing your containerized applications. These tools can help you move your deployment infrastructure to a new level of efficiency.

Our keynote speaker and industry expert, Kelsey Hightower, will discuss these topics, as well as “Classic versus Legacy” and the value of evolving what you have versus rewriting or replacing. Plus, he’ll spend time demystifying buzzwords, like what does "cloud native" mean and why should we care?

In addition, Kelsey and Synergex CTO Jeff Greene will sit down to dig deeper into how this deployment evolution will impact your customers and your Synergy applications. You’ll come away better able to navigate the buzzword bingo that typically surrounds new technologies.

Tuesday, September 20

Synergy Update

Steve Ives | Senior Consultant

Discover what’s changed in recent Synergy releases, what’s coming up next, and what we’re considering for the future.

Web Services Update (Harmony Core)

Jeff Greene | Chief Technology Officer

Since the last conference we’ve been hard at work moving Harmony Core forward. Highlights of this work include

  • .NET 6 support
  • Improved migration utilities
  • Select class improvements
Find out what’s new, what’s coming, and how Harmony Core is being leveraged by other Synergy developers.

Wednesday, September 21

Visual Studio Update

Tim Bauguess | Software Development Manager

Capitalize on your development in Visual Studio. Stay in the know and discover how the latest improvements and development techniques can increase your productivity and reduce build times. This session is relevant for Windows, Unix, and OpenVMS users alike.

Tracking Down the Real Problems in Today's API-based Solutions

Phil Bratt | Developer Support Team Lead

Software developers have been moving from developing traditional desktop applications to creating APIs and integrating with more technologies. This has required Synergex's Developer Support team to develop new techniques to first identify problems, and then to look farther—through a system and architecture design lens—to determine what's really causing them. In this session, we'll share some things we've learned about troubleshooting these API-based systems to help you 1) avoid issues that customers have encountered, and 2) be more efficient at tracking down issues in your solutions.

Thursday, September 22

Deploying Synergy with Kubernetes

Jeff Greene | Chief Technology Officer

Driven by their experiences using cloud-native consumer applications, users across the technology world are pushing for applications that are highly available and able to run in diverse cloud or on-prem environments. Without requiring you to rewrite the world, Kubernetes is a natural fit for increasing the availability and deployability of your Synergy-based applications. Learn how to take advantage of these strengths in the endless push for modernization.

Leveraging Web Services for UI

Rachel Gibson | Director of Sales & Product Marketing

Chances are you’ve heard us espouse the benefits of web services for your application. But what does the outcome of this approach deliver to your organization and users? See how Synergex customers are leveraging existing Synergy logic and data via Harmony Core to facilitate new, fresh user interfaces.

(This is a follow-up session from last year's conference. Curious about what progress Radley and Forward Solutions have made on their new front ends? Join us for this exciting update!)

Monday, September 26

Business Considerations When Migrating Synergy Apps to the Cloud

Tim Bauguess | Software Development Manager

Simplify your infrastructure and innovate faster with increased flexibility through easily scalable cloud resources. This session will evaluate the business considerations of migrating Synergy apps to the cloud, from costs to benefits.

Making Crusty Code Testable

Marty Lewis | Software Development Manager

In a world with increased focus on unit testing and code coverage, some of your classic code patterns may make life harder. Join us in this session to learn some tactics to improve code maintainability and make it testable.

Tuesday, September 27

Unit Testing Crusty Traditional Synergy Code

Arief Zein | Software Engineer

In this session, we’ll demonstrate the use of the “Unit Test (Traditional)” project template by retrofitting unit tests into the crusty traditional Synergy code Marty Lewis updated in his presentation on Day 6. You’ll walk away from the presentation with a clear understanding of the role and scope of unit tests in software development, along with a better sense of what this testing strategy looks like when applied to pre-existing traditional Synergy code.

Using BI Tools to Create Dashboards, KPIs, and Analytics

Dan Ellis | Senior Consultant

As Harmony Core implements open standards, it can be used by many popular, industry-leading products to deliver rich content. This session will demonstrate how to use business intelligence tools to create dashboards for decision makers in your business.

Wednesday, September 28

Deploying Harmony Core Services on Linux and in Containers

Steve Ives | Senior Consultant

Harmony Core services are widely used, and recent support for hosting services directly on Linux is important to many. This session will show how to deploy services on Linux, and we’ll peek into the future and demonstrate running a Harmony Core service in a Docker container.

The World Speaks JSON—Do You?

Marty Lewis | Software Development Manager

Web services, RPCs, data interchange... it’s all JSON in modern computing. Traditional Synergy provides the tools you need to consume and produce JSON data in your own software. Let's get hands-on with how it works and why you need it.

Thursday, September 29

Why Big Technology Projects Fail

Henrico Dolfing | Consultant and Author

Big technology projects fail at an astonishing rate. Whether major technology implementations, post-merger integrations, or new growth strategies, these efforts consume tremendous resources over months or even years. Henrico Dolfing is a business consultant and author who helps C-level executives recover troubled technology projects. In this session, Henrico will share lessons from his personal work experiences as well as cases studies of high-level corporate projects, providing insights on what can derail large-scale projects. This information will help you avoid these dangers and keep your projects on a path to successful completion. See Henrico’s website for more information.


William Mooney | President & CEO

Please join us as we review highlights from the week and reflect on what’s ahead for Synergex and our partners.

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