The DevPartner Conference focuses on improving the agility, speed, efficiency, and security of your Synergy-based applications and spotlights the newest innovations in application technologies. Spread out over two weeks, the conference sessions are intended to fit conveniently and accessibly into your busy schedule.



Get the critical knowledge you need to succeed and improve your skills from 16 content-packed sessions on a broad range of topics.


Share tips, compare notes, and build relationships with fellow Synergy developers, Synergex employees, and other subject matter experts.



Gain powerful insights and discover cutting-edge tools and best practices to stimulate development and keep your applications competitive.

Synergy DevPartner Conference 2022

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This Year's Focus

Product Updates & Roadmap

Synergy/DE is always evolving. Discover what’s coming up next.


Learn how containerization technology can boost your application creation and deployment.

Web Services

Explore the latest tools and updates with Harmony Core and leveraging web services for UI.

Legacy Modernization

Delve into the different “whys” and “hows” of application legacy modernization.

Cloud Technologies

Thinking about cloud migration? So are we. Benefit from our findings.


The ins and outs of testing are vast and challenging. Learn how to streamline your process.


Meet Our Keynote Speaker

Kelsey Hightower | Principal Engineer and Author of Kubernetes: Up and Running

As a curious and motivated self-learner, I gained an interest in computing at a young age and started my IT career by opening a small consulting shop 20 years ago. From those beginnings my career progressed quickly, eventually passing through the halls of Google, Puppet Labs, New Relic, and CoreOS. I am a system administrator by trade, a programmer by necessity, but a problem-solver at heart. With a passion for helping others, many successful speaking and teaching engagements under my belt, and a proven track record of getting things done and enabling others, I hope to solve the many problems facing IT culture by equipping people with the mental and computational software they need to succeed in the competitive world of technology.

Meet Our Guest Speaker

Henrico Dolfing | Consultant and Author

I help C-level executives recover troubled technology projects. I have done project reviews, recoveries, and advisory for over a decade and have worked in the trenches of software development for more than 15 years. Besides the troubled projects I am actively working on, I try to learn as much as possible from other people’s mistakes. That is why I study project failures and publish case studies about them on my blog. I have a strong technical background as a software developer and solution architect, including an M.Sc. degree in computer science and a B.Ec. in economics.


Featured Synergex Speakers

William Mooney
President and CEO
Steve Ives
Senior Consultant
Jeff Greene
Chief Technology Officer
Rachel Gibson
Director of Sales and Product Marketing
Marty Lewis
Software Development Manager
Phillip Bratt
Developer Support Team Lead
Timothy Bauguess
Software Development Manager
Dan Ellis
Senior Consultant
Arief Zein
Software Engineer
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